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Today's marijuana is not safe (or legal) for teens and young adults under age 21. The super high THC levels are associated with IQ loss, increased anxiety, psychosis, and emergency room visits. The brain is still maturing until age 25, and marijuana can hurt its development. Learn more below! 


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This campaign was funded through  the Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services Local Prevention Grant

What Does The Data Show?

How is Cannabis impacting Westport kids?


Again, the good news is that the large majority (90%) of Westport kids in Grades 7-12 are NOT using cannabis. But our 2021 Westport youth survey found that: 

●10% of all students 7th-12th used marijuana in the past 30 days

●1% of MS

●15% of all HS students (lower than 2019 state average) ●24% of 12th graders

In our 2021 survey, use rates may have been impacted by the COVID pandemic. This was also prior to the change in State laws around private use and subsequent availability in retail establishments. We hope to re-survey in Spring of 2024 -- stay tuned for new data!

What are the concerning trends?


●Almost all students (94-95%) report that their parents disapprove of drinking or vaping -- but fewer report their parents disapprove of marijuana use (86% - and only 63% by senior year).

●Overall, most students report that their peers disapprove of substance use (77% disapprove of alcohol, 70% of vaping, but only 63% of marijuana).

●By senior year, there is a culture change. Most seniors do not perceive peer disapproval of marijuana and vaping. ○% who report that peers disapprove: 68% for alcohol, only 39% for vaping, and only 25% for marijuana

What Can We Do?

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