Westport Prevention Coalition

Providing a comprehensive approach to educational and prevention services for Westport residents of all ages, through regular coalition meetings and programming. 


The Westport Prevention Coalition utilizes the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), a comprehensive process for addressing substance misuse and related behavioral health problems, to increase awareness of the possible harm from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD) among residents and providing prevention programming throughout the year. 

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This campaign was funded through  the Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services Local Prevention Grant

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Help kids find healthier alternatives through resources like:


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Get Involved


Next Meeting: July 6th at 3pm

Prevention Starts Early

Talk Early & Talk Often

Be Prepared

Have the Difficult Conversation. Talk Early & Talk Often

It Takes A Village

Informed Communities Are Effective Communities. Talk Early & Talk Often

It Doesn't End With High School

They're Always Our Kids. Talk Early & Talk Often

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Talk - Underage Drinking
Parental Disapproval

Physiology of Addiction w/ Dr. Ruth Potee

Effects of Drug Taking Behavior on the Brain