Westport Prevention Coalition

Providing a comprehensive approach to educational and prevention services for Westport residents of all ages, through regular coalition meetings and programming. 


The Westport Prevention Coalition utilizes the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), a comprehensive process for addressing substance misuse and related behavioral health problems, to increase awareness of the possible harm from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD) among residents and providing prevention programming throughout the year. 

Past Surveys

Surveys administered by Positive Directions (Westport Local Prevention Council) serve as an important tool in assessing the needs of our communities. These surveys help establish the access, behavior and social norms related to alcohol and substance use.


The following surveys were sponsored by Westport Public Schools and Positive Directions, in collaboration with Westport’s Positive Youth Development (PYD). PYD is a partnership of the United Way of Coastal Fairfield County, Westport Department of Human Services, Westport Public Schools, Positive Directions and the Westport PTA Council.

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October 23rd - 31st - The Largest Prevention Campaign in the US.

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Talk - Underage Drinking
Parental Disapproval

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