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Medication & Opioids

Whether it's a pain med, an ADHD drug, or a street drug, there are risks from taking the drug, mixing it with alcohol or other drugs, or borrowing or buying from a friend or dealer.

Get your medications from a trusted local pharmacy. Keep your meds locked up & dispose of unused drugs safely.

Prescription Drugs

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This campaign was funded through  the Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services Local Prevention Grant

What does the data show?

How is prescription misuse impacting kids?


According to our 2021 youth survey, misusing prescription drugs amongst Westport kids was very low >5%

CDC researchers analyzed a national prescriptions database for the years 2015 to 2020. Over that period, they found, the proportion of Americans ages 12 to 19 who were prescribed buprenorphine dropped by 45% -- from 7.6 out of every 100,000 teens per year, to just over 4 per 100,000.

  • Buprenorphine is one of three medications approved to treat opioid addiction.

● From the NIDA: Researchers at the University of Michigan examined both school- and individual-level characteristics associated with prescription stimulant misuse. Across 231,141 student participants surveyed at 3,284 secondary schools, the school-level prevalence of nonmedical use varied from 0% to over 25% of students. Schools with a greater number of students (12% or higher) reporting prescription stimulant therapy for ADHD tended to have the highest percentages of their student body reporting prescription stimulant misuse (8% of total student body). By comparison, schools with fewer students (0 to 6% of student body) reporting stimulant therapy for ADHD were associated with lower rates of prescription stimulant misuse (4 to 5% of student body).

What are Opioids?


  • Prescription opioids are provided for pain. They include drugs like Vicodin, Oxycontin, Percoset, Codeine, Morphine.

  • Opioids are powerful. People can become physically addicted within just a few days. When you get an opioid prescription, use as little as possible to avoid becoming dependent. Safely dispose of any leftovers to avoid anyone else accessing them.

  • Opioid addiction often leads to heroin addiction. Withdrawal is very tough. People who become addicted often need long-term Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) to quit. Learn more at CT's LiveLOUD site.

  • Opioid overdose can be fatal but can be reversed with Naloxone (Narcan). Contact us or The Hub to get a Narcan kit and be trained to use it -- you may save a life!

  • For detox, contact CT's 24/7 Substance Use Access Line: 800-563-4086.

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