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“Me and White Supremacy” : 28 Day Community Challenge

When: February 1-28,2021

What: The 15th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration continues thru February with the 28 Day Community Challenge. From Feb 1-28 we invite you to join us in taking up Layla Saad’s 28 Day Challenge of personal journaling as detailed in her book “Me and White Supremacy” (the year’s initial WestportREADS selection).

How It Works: The Challenge is to journal daily on the impact of 1 of 28 aspects of white supremacy on you personally. In general, that journaling is not to be shared or discussed during the 28 Day process. However, we plan to make vehicles available in March for discussion for all who complete the challenge. In the meantime, you can submit any questions you might have during the process to .

Questions will be considered for responses in the weekly video.

Register for Tips, Q&A, Follow-on:

While you should proceed through the Challenge on your own, you can register once at

to get the following:

1. Link to weekly video with tips + questions answered

2. List of Weekly ‘Challenge Questions’ for e-journaling

3. Notification re: Post Challenge Discussion vehicles for all who complete the process

Pls Note:

• It’s never too late to start! (whether you participate now or at a later time)

• Submit your questions to

• Link to MLK Week Discussion: “What Can I Do Next?”

• Link to Kickoff Video (Week 1 ) :

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