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TThank you to our partners at Weston Youth Services and panelists:

Dr. Michelle Albright from Albright Consulting

Dr. Lori Storch Smith from Bay Street Pediatrics

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"How to Have a Fully Remote Thanksgiving" by J.D. Biersdorfer for the NY Times

"Gram, Are You Sad?" Opinion Piece by Peggy Wehmeyer for the NY Times

"How to Safely Celebrate Holidays During COVID" by Emily Landon MD for U of Chicago

Fall 2020 Article Discussion
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TThank you to our panelists:

Dr. Michelle Albright from Albright Consulting

Related Articled and Resources

2019-2020 Programs


Article Discussion Series for Elementary Parents w/ Dr. Michelle Albright

Article Discussions for Elementary - May

Additional Resources Mentioned During The Broadcast

Panda cam at the national zoo: 


Motherwell article:  


Laurie Santos has been doing a lot around maintaining happiness during COVID


FB Q & A : 

Morning show appearance  

Her lab's podcast 

and finally her segment with Dax Sheppard on Armchair Expert 

Article Discussion Series for Middle & High School Parents w/ Tracey Massella, LCSW

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Panelist Contact Information for Questions

Deb Slocum, Counselor at Staples High School:

Karen Krupnik, LPC from Positive Directions:

Dr. Valerie Babich, Coordinator of Psychological Services for Westport Public Schools:

Additional Articles and Resources

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Resource Links

2018-2019 Programs


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